... live life to the full.
John 10:10

a few of the things i do. i organize. i lead projects, teams, and events. i am creative and i love to design spaces, all things print and t-shirts too.

i think it is a blast to lead teams big and small, and especially enjoy connecting with those i am working with. building relationships ... that is what i love most.

life skills to highlight

  • i invest in relationships
  • i decorate and design living spaces
  • i create print materials
  • i lead and teach 
  • i love to travel, travel like to other countries, not just down the street.
  • i want share the Gospel to all that want to hear
  • i love to love on and encourage young Moms
  • i love to care for and teach children
  • i am at ease to lead projects, groups and plan events
  • i can easily organize and i am detailed, yet see the big picture
  • i invest in community relations
  • i network and build community

if you are wondering if i can help you with whatever you are working on ... the answer is likely yes! the real question is, are you ready to have enjoy the journey while making it happen.

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callkimwagner | 913.634.9256​​






Christ Follower



i am bold and brave. ​​

          friendly and fun.

complex, yet i believe simple can be best

           yes! i am creative.