call me kim. kimmy. kimberly ...
                call me what you want, 
but pick up the phone and call kim wagner.

i am on the go. i am energetic.
i love to have fun. i am outgoing.
i am social. i am talkative.

i am passionate. i am grounded. honest and authentic. 
                                                                                            i am a Christ follower. 

                              i am impatient. effecient. i love a challenge. i am loyal.

                              i love a good deal. i am creative.
                                                                    i am

                               i am joyful in hope.  patient in affliction.  faithful in prayer.  can i get an "Amen!"
                               i love sweet treats.

i am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother of two teens. i am not an animal lover, but i do love
our God-dog Max — ask me about him, family and friends are everything to me.

                               i love design. decorating. photography, kids and travel. can't live without Jesus. 
my sisters in Christ. and i don't want to go without my SolarOil. Coke Zero. or Milk Duds. 

i make up reasons to get people together. i am relationally driven.
                    i love to share my story. my house is always  open to new friends and old.

     i love time at the beach.
     boat rides on Grand Lake.
     and all things summer. 

                i love people. making new friends. building relationships and doing "life" with those that I encounter. Living out God's plan for me using my gifts and talents to support, encourage and help people and businesses find solutions to meet the need. 

               i love to have fun. and we'll get the job done while we have fun. that's guaranteed 
                              ​go ahead ... give me a call, call kim wagner

​call kim wagner | 913.634.9256


kim wagner

i have lived in Kansas City all my life.
more 30 years ago, when were teens, i met my husband, Scott. friendship, love and lots of fun and laughter took us to be a "couple."  and this year we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary.

        we are  proud parents to,
                            Wyatt and Sela (pronounced SEE-La) and I am 
                            "MaMa" to our furry pup Max,

         our family is grounded by our relationship with Jesus. we know how
         to work hard and have fun. we are the real deal. we love. we fight.

         we make mistakes. we forgive.

          a few things close to our hearts ... family, friends. family vacations. drag racing. dancing. horses. 

          baseball. road trips. Westside Family Church family and sharing with others, our walk with Jesus  
         and what God is doing in our lives.

i love to encourage others through God's Word, i invite you to check out the website intentionalLivingforGod.com.
For photo driven encouragement, go to intentionalLivingforGod.blogspot.com.


why i choose intentional Living ... 
i am passionate about loving others like I have been loved,
sharing the love of Jesus. i intentionally make time for people,
especially have a heaert for young Mamas and their babies.

           why you ask?

because it was a group of women that loved me,
as God was working through them, He reached me.
these women invited me in. loved me. and the light of Jesus shined
so bright that I didn't know what they 'had'
but i knew that I WANTED IT. they revealed that "it" was Jesus.

 yes! a relationship with Jesus. I am forever changed...

forever thankful to the obedient, faithful, loving women that intentionally
took action to love me and my family when my dear Grams died in 2005.

Thank you to those MOPS MaMas. You know who you are,
and know, for sure, that you have made a life-long impact on my life. Glory to God. 
be encouraged

what can Kim do? ​

... the better question is what can i NOT do. i work hard, and 
i am willing to try most anything, at least once. (wink)

i hope to inspire others. i lead. i encourage. i network. i build relationships. 
             i pray. i am "that" people person.
             i love working to help people experience a fuller life filled with joy.
i love being in relationship. i love to be around all people, but especially enjoy working one-on-one,
                   with small businesses. school groups, children ministries
and  not-for-profit groups.
             i love design. project management. community relations. event planning. creating print materials and website design. i am a kid at heart and i love being around kids.
              you name it, i have probably been involved in it sometime throughout my career. i love doing what i do. i love to coming along side to encourage and help as i am able.  i love that i can be creative, build relationships and have fun everyday. i love that God
                                      has gifted me to do what i do. so, if you are wondering
if i can help you with whatever it is that you are working on ... the answer is yes. 
            the real question is, are you ready to have a fun while getting it done!
         be intentional.
            invest in relationships.                                                    experience life change.