Native to Kansas, i studied marketing and advertising at The University of Kansas, school of Journalism and graduated with a Bachelor's degree. in beginning of my career i played in the ad world, working at the top three agencies in the greater Kansas City area for more than a 10 years. Most recently, i freelance and work with local business and not for profit companies.

i work hard, and through my marketing. advertising and design skill set. i build lasting relationships and hope to inspire others while working together. i love to lead. encourage. and build community. 

i have always loved to dream. design and organize. i design print materials. websites. custom clothing. promotional programs. i consult small business start ups. i am great at project management. community relations. event planning. you name it, i have probably been involved in it sometime throughout my career. not only do i design on the computer, i design "environments" too. i love to create beautiful spaces. 

i love doing what i do.
i love to set, meet and exceed goals. i love the journey.

i love that i can be creative, build relationships and have fun while getting the job done! 
                        if you are wondering
                        if i can help you with whatever you are thinking about or working on ... the answer is yes, let's connect. call kim wagner.
Are you ready to have fun?

be intentional.
 invest in relationships.  
experience life change.                                             

kim wagner


call me kim. kimmy. kimberly ...
                call me what you want, 
but pick up the phone and call kim wagner.

i am on the go. i am energetic.
i love to have fun. i am outgoing.
i am social. i am talkative.

i am passionate. i am grounded. honest and authentic. 
                                                                                               i am a Christ follower. 

                              i am impatient. effecient. i love a challenge. i am loyal.

                              i love a good deal. i am creative.
                                                                    i am

                               i am joyful in hope.  patient in affliction.  faithful in prayer.  can i get an "Amen!"
                               i love sweet treats.

i am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother of two teens. i am not an animal lover, but i do love
our God-dog Max — ask me about him! family and friends are everything to me.

                               i love design. decorating. photography, kids and travel. can't live without Jesus. 
my sisters in Christ. and i don't want to go without my SolarOil. Coke Zero. Diet Dr. Pepper or Milk Duds. 

i make up reasons to get people together.                                i am relationally driven.
                    i love to share my story. my house is always  open to new friends and old.

     i love time at the beach.
     boat rides on Grand Lake.
     and all things summer. 

                i love people. making new friends. building relationships and doing "life" with those that I encounter. Living out God's plan for me using my gifts and talents to support, encourage and help people know Jesus and help businesses find solutions for their challenges. 

              we'll get the job done while we have fun. that's guaranteed 
              ​go ahead ... give me a call, call kim wagner.

​call kim wagner | 913.634.9256